ABB IRB 4400 robot (year 2000)
(1) IRB 4400 + M98 Controller + console
(1) IRB 4400 + M98 Controller

The fast, compact and versatile ABB IRB4400 Industrial Robot with a payload capacity of 45 kg, is a highly agile and compact robot for handling tasks of medium and heavy loads. Due to its excellent versatility it is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Its loading capacity and high speed allow it to handle two parts simultaneously. 

Due to its high maneuverability the ABB IRB 4400 is highly suitable for tasks where speed and flexibility are required.

General specifications
Reach: 1.95m
Load capacity: 30/45/60 Kg
General data:
Load capacity: 30/45 kg.
Maximum reach: 1.95 mm.
Repeat precision: 0.1 mm.
Controller: M94A-M96 S4.
Axis speed:
Axis 1: 150º/sec
Axis 2: 120º/sec
Axis 3: 120º/sec
Axis 4: 225º/sec
Axis 5: 225º/sec
Axis 6: 225º/sec

Robot Applications: Sealed, feeding-unloading machines, handling of parts, pallet racking, polished, cutting and deburring, metal injection machines, packing


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