Sold – ILSEMANN SMB 642 take-out robot

Year 2007. Ready for loading in truck/container. Very good condition


ILSEMANN SMB 642 SH1 high speed take-out robot (year 2007)
Z-axis up to 3000 mm., digital driven servo motor
Drive speed up to 8m/sec, acceleration 100 m/sec2
Pneumatics 1 compressed air circuits, 4 vacuum circuits
Application area: molding machines up to 7000 kN
Control: Siemens S7/315-2 DP, with AS-Interface
Teach-in pendant with “Touch-screen”, MPI adapter cable.
Switch cabinet. Program steps and fault messages show in text.
Electrical interface according to EUROMAP 67, RS 232
Servo drives and amplifiers of company SEW.

SMB 642 SH1 servo robot is designed for mold-opening times of 0.35 sec and a cycle time under 3 sec with presses up to 770 tons.


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