SANDRETTO Series Nove S 165 (2003) Injection moulding machine (165t)
In operation.
With frequency variator (saving electricity consumption)
Hours: 50,743
EUROMAP Class Closure: 130/165
EUROMAP Class Injector: 650
Screw Type: 38mm
Screw diameter LD: 20
ScrewS useful length: 250 cm3
Calculated injection volume: 106.2 cm3/s
Material pressure: 2597 bar
Pressure on the material to be generated: 15.5 g/s
Plasticizing capacity (PS): 19 g/s
Max Screw Speed/Hydraulic Torque: 280 min-1
Hydraulic motor maximum torque/screw speed: 858 Nm
Thermoregulated zones (+nozzle): 3+1
Total power of heated collars: 8.8 kW
Mold locking force: 1300/1650 kN
Minimum/maximum mold thickness: 155-560
Moving plate travel: 500 mm.
Tray dimensions: 690 x 690 mm.
Pitch between columns: 460 x 460 mm
Column diameter: 85 mm.
Ejection force: 50 kN
Hydraulic ejection stroke: 160 mm.
Oil quantity: 250 l.
It needs H20 at 15ºC cold. Oil: 1.50 m3/h.
Total installed power: 27.3 kW
Weight: 6500kg.
Maximum weight of the mold in PM: 520 kg.
Maximum mold weight: 780 kg.
Mini mold diameter: 390mm.
Dimensions: LxWxH: 5625 x 1515 x 2085
Has always worked with Polypropylene
New spindle and tip.
2 cores. Air valve.
New hard disk, resistors and hub.

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