Netstal Synergy 2400‑1700

Year 2008. In operation.


Netstal Synergy 2400‑1700 (year 2008)
– Working hours: Only 39,527
– Cycle time: 6.00s
– Production capacity per hour: 2,400 cases
– Production of CD JEWEL cases
– With ILSEMAN SKM06 robot

Min-Max mold height: 460-800 mm.
Opening stroke: limited to 320mm
Opening force: 534 kN
Distance between tiebars: 630 x 630 mm.
Tiebar diameter: 100 mm.Dry cycle: 1.6 sec
Drive power: 75 kW
Screw stroke: 248 mm.
Screw diameter: 70 mm.
Maximum injection volume: 954 cm3
Shot weight max. (PS) 916 g
Injection pressure: 1801 bar.
L/D ratio 22.1
Injection rate: 3656 cm3
Plasticizing rate (PS): “HiMelt” 70-22D screw (1801 bar, 954 cm3)
Max. Screw RPM max/torque: 400/2033
Heating capacity: 37.8 kW
Nozzle contact force: 88 kN
Hydraulic cores on the fixed plate side
Interface robot: Euromap 67
Oil tank capacity: 420 l.
Dimensions: Length: 8,000 mm. Width: 1800 + 400 (cabinet) mm. Height: 2,187 mm. Net weight: 16,200 kg.

ILSEMAN SKM06 system SMB 642 SH1 extractor robot (year 2007)
Z-axis up to 3000 mm., digital driven servo motor
Drive speed up to 8m/sec, acceleration 100 m/sec2
Pneumatics 1 compressed air circuits, 4 vacuum circuits
Application area: molding machines up to 7000 kN
Control: Siemens S7/315-2 DP, with AS-Interface
Teach-in pendant with “Touch-screen”, MPI adapter cable.
Switch cabinet

Additional information

Weight 16200 kg


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