Sold – BMB hybrid 380t injection molding machine

Year 2012. In excellent condition


BMB eKW 38PI/2200 Hybrid Injection molding machine (2012) + Robot
Hours: 69,427 hours.
Closing force: 380t (3800kN)
Maximum mobile plate stroke: 700 mm.
External dimensions of H-V plates: 1045 x 1045 mm.
Dimensions between columns: 730 x 730 mm.
Column diameter: 115 mm.
Maximum distance between plates: 1450 mm.
Minimum mold thickness: 250 mm.
Maximum mold thickness: 750 mm.

Extraction stroke: 250 mm.
Extraction force: 75 kN.

Screw diameter: 70 mm.
Screw length/diameter ratio: 23 L/D
Injection capacity: 1308 cm3
Polystyrene injection capacity: 1243 gr.
Polypropylene injection capacity: 981 gr.
Injectable volume per second: 3600 cm3/s
Specific pressure on material: 1714 kg/cm2
Plasticizing capacity per second: 77 g/s
Screw rotation speed: 350 rpm
Screw rotation electric motor torque: 200 kgm.
Maximum injection carriage stroke: 450 mm.

Supply voltage: 400V
Heating supply voltage: 220 V.
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Plasticizing cylinder heating power: 32.5 kW
Plasticizing cylinder heating zones: 4+1

Hydraulic control with accumulators: servo valve.
Maximum pump pressure: 174 bar.
Oil tank capacity: 280 l.

Dimensions: Length: 8730 mm. Width: 2115mm. Height: 2560mm.
Weight: 19,000 kg.

Star Automation UXE-1000 ultra-fast robot (year 2011).
X= 1800mm. Y= 680mm. Z= 1000mm.
Take out: 0.6 sec. Total cycle: 3.5 sec.
V: 400-3Ph Hz: 50/60. kW: 10kW


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