AMADA EM 2510 NT Turret punching (year 2012)
AC servo Direct twin drive
Punching hours: 14271 h
Machine on hours: 29580 h
Excellent maintenance
Punching force: 200 kN
Work field: 1270 x 2500mm
With replacement: 1270 x 5000mm
Thickness max. of the material: 3.2mm ( ST-400N/mm2 )
Maximum material thickness: 3.2 mm. (brush table)
Swan neck: 1,310mm
Max weight of the piece: 50kg (F4) 150kg (F1)
X-axis feedrate: 100m/min
Y-axis feedrate: 80m/min
Control: Amada AMNC-PC
RS-232C serial interface
Simultaneous axes speed: 128m/min
Turret traverse speed (bidirectional): 30 1/min
Max cadence punching with dies “VACUUM” (hit rate):
500/min (5mm stroke, 25.4mm pitch)
780/min (5mm stroke, 1mm pitch)
1800/min (1.4mm stroke, 0.5mm pitch)
Stroke length: 36 mm.
Punching accuracy: ±0.07mm*
C axis speed: 60 rpm
Stations: 45 of them 4 AMADEX
Diameter max. tool: 114.3mm
Tool change time: 1.5 sec
Electric connection: 400V ( +6%, -10% )
Power requirement: 25 kWA
Compressed air
Machine Length: 5526mm
Machine Width: 5120mm
Machine Height: 2318mm
Weight: 18,000kg


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